Newly developed shockabsorbers for the Enthusisatic driver,
well suited street sport and Trackday events with hot R-tyres.

The shocks are based on settings I found on old original Bilstein TWR Sport shocks, a TWR XJ12 shock set and XJR-S sport Bilsteins using my shock absorber dyno.

In addition the setting are adjusted to modern standards and knowledge to suit todays sharper tyres and competition from more modern sports cars.

They have extensivly modifyed low speed damping for that extra body roll control and anditive control. The setting are therefore slightly degressive witch is typical for modern tarmac racing shocks.

Dyno testing and development.

These Clubsport shocks have the 46mm piston witch has better low speed control and setting options than the smaller normal Bilstein B6 sport shocks 35mm pistons.

Here you see the difference between the Bilstein B6 Sport shock on the left and this new Clubsport with 46mm piston on the right

Here you see the dyno graph comparison between the original XJ-XJS shocks in Pink and yellow.
The new Clubsport shock in Blue and green

After these shocks was finished and released I got a set of Bilstein Aston Martin DB7 Vantage V12 shocks in my workshop. And to my slight suprice those shocks was incredibly similar in setting as these Clubsport shocks, so someone must have done something right. The Aston DB7 has the same suspension as the XJ and XJS.

The new Bilstein Clubsport shocks are a good match together with the short ratio ClubSport steering rack.

The Clubsport steering racks have new pinions with larger diameter and new machined tooths in the rack shaft to change the steering ratio. Original is 3 revolutions from left lock to right.

These are 2.25 revolutions for that sharp and presise feel and match to the new Bilstein CS.

You can see both the Bilsteins and sport racks in the shop section in the link below.

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