CNC ported Jaguar PRE He heads




CNC ported heads for Jaguar V12
These heads fit the Pre He engine or even the He engine if you change pistons.
The heads are completely overhauled and comes with new Bronze guides, purposebuilt valves and teflon seals. The flow capacity of these heads are 600HP with the right tuning.

4890 Euro a pair
49800.- NOK + mva

I developed the valveshape on a flowbench to suit the port shape of the Jaguar V12 heads. Then they are manufactured in UK and are top of the line quality with pulse plasma coating and stellite seats.






Teflon eals and handle 13mm lift with still a marging between seal and retainer.

A lot of work went into developing the ports and many combinations of throatsizes and angle cuts after seat was tested.

Thde result was 25% flow increase at standard valvelift and a port size that can be used with the standard manifold. But still produce enough flow for 600 HP



CNC ported to 25% flow increase Oversized valves New Valveguides Teflon seals Milled deck Compatible with STD springs and retainers Available with race springs and retainers 13mm lift capacity

Technical Data: Inlet port volume 90cc Inlet port diameter at manifold face 36mm, smallest diameter 33mm Inlet valve diameter 43mm Exhaust valve diameter 35.5mm Valve guide material Colisbro Valve material is manufactured from a one piece electrically upset 214N austenitic stainless steel forging, machined all over, with a Stellite 12 hard tip and a pulse plasma nitrided treatment for low friction and wear. Exhaust valve has additional Stellite 6 valveseat. Compatible with std inlet manifolds (ports are not too oversized). Flow supports 600HP Available with Mobeck springs and retainers to handle race cams up to 13mm lift and 40 kilo seat pressure. Inlet flow max 196.5 CFM @10mm lift Exhaust flow max 141 CFM at 12.5mm lift