Jaguar V12 EFI kit Distributor type


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Basic kit price is 49375.- Norwegian Krone’s inclusive Norwegian sales tax.
Outside Norway the basic price is 39500.- NOK plus freight.
Take contact as there are some options as well.

Complete Injection kit,  full digital engine control for the 1981 to 1988 P-Digital Jaguar V12, other years under development.

The kit comes with everything you need to make your V12 run like intended from Jaguar
The ECU has full control of fuel and ignition map so the original vacuum lines and system can be dismanteled. The ECU has also control of the active Idle air valve to ensure an correct idle.

If you consider buying a kit I recommend you taking contact with me on as there are some options and differences in need and cartypes.

The price at 37600 Norwegian krone is for the basic kit and without VAT for customers outside Norway, please take contact for shipping prices and availibility


With the Sport air intakes, K&N filters and electric fan you gain 30 hp and maybe more important you get over 400Nm from 2500 to 5500 rpm with this V12 efi kit.

V12 efi kit installation manual

Here is an article about it.


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xj12 EFI

V12 efi kit without O2 sensor

xj12 EFI O2

V12 efi kit with O2 sensor

xjs v12 EFI

xjs without O2 sensor

xjs v12 EFI O2

xjs with O2 sensor