When Ann-Mari at Fossen drifting took contact and asked for help to mount turbos on her Nissan VK56 I felt quite priviliged. And when I ment turbos was not right for here and mentioned a supercharger, we connected right away. So there was no way back, the plan was clear. Mount a Whipple on a Nissan V8 and make reliable and powerful enough for the Norwegian Drift series.

Now there is a thing… There was not any supercharger kits available for a Nissan VK56 V8. So I had to make one. And a Whipple kit for Mustang Coyote has a deep valley for the chargecooler witch make the manifold flange positioned a bit up on the package. This made it possible for me to make two adapters between the Whipple maifold and the Nissan heads.

Make something between here…

So first I start lazercutting manifold flanges and plan how to fabricate the runners between the flanges. The installation will stick out up through the hood and it need to be nice to look at.

With some welding, machining, porting and finishwork the Whipple was in place.

Now when the Whipple is fixed in place and aligned good I stat making a front plate to attatch the idlers, tensioner and pulleys for the drive belt. I draw up everything in Solidworks and have an 10mm aluminium plate lazercut.

Now I make up an drivebelt cover for the top pulley, dont want no accidents or small stones getting in there and spoil the race. Since the theme of the car is stars I make up an star theme cover.

But now I hear that Ann-Mari also like Spongebob, so I decide to make up an extra drivebelt cover for party use as well, without she knowing anything about it.

So one for bussiness and one for party, witch one do you prefer?

So now its only details like throttle, coolant, generator tensioners and such to be made.

Ann-Maricome to pick up the engine, ready to install it and se what kind of power it can deliver.

Gregosen Lakk & Tuning does the dyno work and makes a safe map with Ethanol race fuel.

The result is pretty good, we change pulleys until it delivers 0.8 bar boost as a safe start. And it pumps out 530Nm on idle and 930Nm on 4300 rpm. This is measured on the rear wheels. The Power is now 728HP at 6200rpm. Gregosen made a fine map and the car is now supersmooth to drive with instant power at all times.

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